jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

Clon drug plane captured in Venezuela, It’s original is in Belize

On August 13th 2011 Venezuelan Minister of Interiors and Justice presented a captured clon “drug plane” whose tail number belongs to another drug plane captured nine months ago and still in Belize under government control.

On this Saturday 13th. the Venezuelan Minister Tarek El Aisammi in a televised press conference, from the airport in the city of Coro in the “ Falcon “ state , showed a captured plane with tail number YV-2531 model Bechcraft King Air, who less than 24 hours before had been involved in a curious non-explained controlled drug operation that doesn’t look like one in which there were two people dead, eight captured and in which 1,400 Kilograms of cocaine were retained.

The plane that we call “ the original airplane” has a unique serial number: FA-137 . ( Serial numbers are to planes what VIN numbers are to cars ) This plane was registered and assigned the tail number YV-2531 in 2008 when it was exported to Venezuela from the US where it flew under tail number N467JB .

In Belize, back in November of 2010 a plane landed in a highway but crippled after it’s landing to refuel and take off it was abandoned by it’s pilots and inside the plane authorities found what has been the biggest drug capture in Belize’s history.

According to a Belize police report the plane was identified on the exterior with a US tail number N786B and also according to the official report it’s serial number was FA-137, the same serial number of the YV-2531 registered in Venezuela back in 2008.

On Monday 15th, Belize’s Channel 5 News interviewed Lt. Coronel David Jones of the Belize Defense Force to help clear the mystery; he declared that the plane was still in Belize under government supervision and that the plan was to keep it for official use

So, if the original plane Serial FA-137 is still in Belize, finding out the owner of the clon airplane presented is one of questions the Venezuelan Minister and courts should be able to answer.

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